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Innovative gas system design with versatile performance capabilities. ECCO offers innovative and adaptable system design built on reliable technology and backed by technical expertise, training and support.

Combustion Regulator Basics

Combustion Regulation

A key to a well running combustion system burner is to ensure fuel is delivered to the burner at a consistent pressure and flow as specified by the burner manufacturer. Ultimately, the gas pressure regulator at the beginning of the fuel gas train is the foundation to a properly running burner.

Pietro Fiorentini (PF) manufactures the highest quality gas regulators in the market. Delivering consistency, accuracy and safety. PF’s balanced valve designs also deliver incomparable turndown performance and repeatability.

Some design highlights:

  • Modular design allowing addition of safety devices
  • High turndowns, up to 500:1
  • Balanced valve design eliminating need for different sized orifices

A New Perspective to the Regulation of Natural Gas

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The Pietro Fiorentini GOVERNOR gas regulator brings a new perspective to the regulation of natural gas.

  • CSA approved integral vent limiter eliminates the need to run vent lines* for ½” through 4” regulators
  • Balanced valve design
  • High accuracies and turndown
  • High capacities


*As approved by local codes and standards.

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