PF Mod. FE - Combustion Regulator

PF Mod. FE

PF Mod. FE
Residential Gas Pressure Regulators

FE is a double-stage self-operated pressure regulator for civil and industrial applications and it is suitable for use with gaseous fluids such as natural gas, LPG and non-corrosive gases.

These regulators are designed to be installed directly on utility meters or on riser mains for civil uses.

They can be installed in any position and in environments or spaces protected against weather. The discharge of the internal relief valve can be conveyed outside in case of installation in closed rooms or underground installations. The regulators are manufactured according to the UNI 8827 standard and the Italian Ministerial Decree dated 16 Apr. 2008; for the classification of the functional performance, reference shall be made to the EN 16129 and EN 334 standards.

Main Features:
• Inlet pressure range bpu: 4.3 – 125 PSIG
• Max allowable pressure: PS: 125 PSIG
• Outlet pressure range BP: 5 – 72.3” W.C.

•  TR: 2.6 – 7.2 PSIG
• Over pressure shut-off range: OPSO BP 14 – 120.5” W.C.
OPSO TR 4.3 – 11.6 PSIG
• Accuracy class AC: up to 5%
• Lock up pressure class: up to 10%
• Temperature:Gas Temperature -4°F +140°F and Ambient Temperature -40 to +140 °F
• Models and Capacity: FE10 : 350 SCFH, FE25 : 875 SCFH, FE75 : 1,765 SCFH

NOTE: The FE is a 2 stage regulator and the capacity is fixed from 4.3 to 125 PSIG inlet Pressure

Safety Devices and Accessories:
• Inlet filter: area 0.775 in2 (500 mm2) 300 μm efficiency (cleanable)
• Over pressure Shut-Off Device (OPSO);
• Excess flow valve
• Manual reset of safety shutoff device only
• Token relief valve
• Safety shut-off for second stage diaphragm failure
• Underground/underwater version with non-corrosive trim
• Univent version for indoor installation venting
• ANSI Z21.80 version 10 PSIG max inlet & class II outlet pressure rating

• Body: Aluminum
• Cover: Aluminum
• External paint: Epoxy polymeric powder paint

PF FE Residential Service Regulator Brochure