PF Mod. FEX - Combustion Regulator


PF Mod FEX Commercial Service Regulator

The FEX series of two-stage self-driven spring loaded regulators are widely used in both commercial and industrial installations using natural gas, LPG and other non-corrosive gases.

They are designed for direct installation to a gas meter and for use in general pipeline work. They can be mounted in any position provided the vent is protected from weather. When the installation is in an enclosed area, the internal relief vent can be piped outside.

A balanced, two-stage regulator results in accurate regulation and high operational reliability.

The regulators are manufactured according to UNI 8827 and ANSI B109 standards.

Main Features:
• Inlet pressure range: bpu: 4.35 -125 PSIG
• Max allowable pressure: PS: 125 PSIG
• Outlet pressure range Wd:
BP: 5.2 – 40.1” W.C.
MP: 40.1″ W.C. – 5 PSIG
• Over pressure shut – off setting range:
Wd OPSO BP 12.8 – 64.3” W.C.
Wd OPSO MP 62.2 – 180.8” W.C.
• Under pressure shut-off setting range:
Wd UPSO 2.4 – 32.1” W.C.
Wd UPSO MP 32.1 – 80.3” W.C.
• Accuracy class: AC 5/10%
• Lock up pressure class: SG 30% Max
• Temperature class: 2: -68°F+140°F

Safety Devices and Accessories:
• Built-in 100 μm inlet filter with an area of 1.55 inch
• Over pressure shut-off device (OPSO)
• Under pressure shut-off device (UPSO)
• Excess flow valve
• Internal token internal relief valve (IRV)
• Safety shut-off device for lack of feeding (UPSO)
• Manual reset of safety shutoff device only

• Body – Aluminum Al GD-AlSi12 – EN AB 46100
• Cover – Aluminum Al GD-AlSi12 – EN AB 46100
• External treatments: 2nd stage body and cover sandblasting + phosphating + baked on epoxy polyurethane powder paint. 1st stage and shut-off device cover coating

PF Mod FEX Product Brochure